Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Coming In Hot!

Whats this? Another update!

Work continues on the White Scars, albeit at a painfully slow pace, almost ready to join the ranks is the second Tactical Squad, six strong, armed with a Meltagun and a Veteran Sergeant with a Power Fist:

just a few touch ups and little bits to do on these guys now, drilling the meltagun barrel, the topknot on the bare-headed marine, a few highlights, the usual ;)

Pretty happy with how these guys have come out, a few close ups showing the tribal markings and that kinda Jazz. But wait there's more!

It would have felt incredibly wrong not to paint up an assault squad for this army, seen as you know, they are White Scars. Armed with a pair of Plasma Pistols and a Veteran Sergeant with his trusty Thunder Hammer i'm hoping these guys can claim a few heads on the battlefield...

lastly a shot of the mundane process of painting the shoulder pads (these have all since been used on the guys you see above)

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