Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Coming In Hot!

Whats this? Another update!

Work continues on the White Scars, albeit at a painfully slow pace, almost ready to join the ranks is the second Tactical Squad, six strong, armed with a Meltagun and a Veteran Sergeant with a Power Fist:

just a few touch ups and little bits to do on these guys now, drilling the meltagun barrel, the topknot on the bare-headed marine, a few highlights, the usual ;)

Pretty happy with how these guys have come out, a few close ups showing the tribal markings and that kinda Jazz. But wait there's more!

It would have felt incredibly wrong not to paint up an assault squad for this army, seen as you know, they are White Scars. Armed with a pair of Plasma Pistols and a Veteran Sergeant with his trusty Thunder Hammer i'm hoping these guys can claim a few heads on the battlefield...

lastly a shot of the mundane process of painting the shoulder pads (these have all since been used on the guys you see above)

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Xenos Hunters

well would you look at that, back from the dead eh?

yeah its been a long time since I've posted, haven't really had any enthusiasm to paint or game recently, hence the severe lack of updates... The Tale of Four Gamers thing we were doing has gone the way of the Dodo, no real surprise there and as such the White Scars have been put on the back burner...

However I have finally got round to painting up another unit, that aren't actually White Scars but are part of the army list, as you may (or may not) be aware, I hosted a poll asking for peoples thoughts, whether my Sternguard should be a Deathwatch team or should be part of my White Scars force, I was always keen to do a deathwatch team and thankfully the viewers agreed, so with out further ado I present to you Kill Team Sigma VI-V

So far the team is only six strong but will be extended to a full strength ten man squad, armed with five Combi-Meltas and two Heavy Flamers to try and take out a large threat from the opponents army. Of course they shall land with the obligatory Drop Pod.

This is the Veteran Sergeant, from the Raven Guard Chapter, I tried to make them as identifiable as possible, so in the example above using the trademark Corvus Armour helmet, as well as a Raven Guard Shoulder Pad and Bolter.

The Iron Hand, with his bionic arm and leg, like the Raven Guard to help identify him with his parent chapter.

so far we have an Iron Hand, Raven Guard, Sons of Medusa (still a WIP, his shoulder pad may get swapped out at some point) Crimson Fists, Black Shield and Red Scorpion. I particularly like the fluff of the Black Shields, marines whose chapter have either been disgraced, through turning renegade or being wiped out, I'll leave it to your imagination which Chapter he once belonged too...

The Deathwatch symbol, I jazzed this up a little bit, painting the skull and crossed bones in gold as I felt pure silver was a little bland.

lastly a couple of pictures from the Drop Pod, with a shot of the interior, very pleased with how their transport came out, however I don't even want to think about how long it took to paint the damn thing, and of course I have another sat unpainted... sigh!

so what is next for the Deathwatch? What chapters are the rest of the squad going to belong too? Aha! that would be telling! 

as always comments and criticism is always welcome, and as always none of the models are quite finished I'm sure there will be some tweaking done to them when I get round to it (sigh!)

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Failed Experiments

So here we are with post number fifty! sorry its been a while without an update, but hey ho, life gets in the way... Just a quick post today, not even featuring the white scars!

so what do I have to show you? some WIP shots... of a Fantasy Skin Wolf:

Yeah that's right, fantasy... however, as those keen eyed among us will notice, that is indeed a circular base, this guy, and his fellow Wolves when ordered and painted up will be used as Chaos Spawn, with such gorgeous models such as these I couldn't resist using them in my Night Lords, and they will easily fit with another Chaos Marine army I have my eye on... always another project eh?

A beautiful model, this fella has been sat on my shelf for a while, waiting paint, for too long, waiting paint. a nice simplistic dark colour scheme to set us off, just a combination of greys and blacks, the white will either get a few washes or a nice skin colour over the top

a shot of the drybrushing of the fur, built up using Dawnstone, a nuln oil shade and then a couple of progressively lighter greys mixing White Scar with Dawnstone The skin starts with Abaddon Black and then has a Dawnstone drybrush using again Nuln Oil shade to darken the tone and provide a nice contrast...

Monday, 31 March 2014

Lightening Fast!

So first things first, cast a vote if you haven't already, whether I should make the Sternguard Veterans a Death Watch Kill Team or a Squad from the First Company of White Scars ----->

Here we are in about to jump into April, I cant believe it has already been three months since I started this White Scars Army, production is still coming on, albeit slowly, I've just about caught up with what I was meant to paint in February and of course I haven't completed March's quota either... but lets see where we are at...

firstly The Attack Bike Squadron:

pretty much complete, just need to add some transfers and do some tidying up and they are done, the Land Speeder Typhoon:

The left hand Launcher has the frag missiles the right hand is equipped with Krak, still have a little bit of work to go on this piece, a real pain to put together, and I lost the drivers right hand arm, not helpful at all...

The Bike squad is almost complete now, a few heads, another rideR to paint up, some metal work and of course some transfers need to be added but they're pretty much ready to go...

The commander is about 60% built now, need to fill some gaps and get him painted, but he'll be a separate blog in his own right...

next month? Another tactical squad will be in the works, have yet to decide what else, but time will tell

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Missing Targets

Okay first things first cast your vote!  -------------------------------------------------------------> 

Secondly, is it really already the 2nd of March? Where are the updates? What the hell is going on!?

Yeah, so White Scars bikers, completely under estimated how much time it would take to paint up a single biker, let alone the 7 models I said I would get done during February. Between that, work being a real struggle at the moment and various other things taking up my time and attention, I have fallen short of the quota, and have a group of half painted bikers... but anyway here are some WIP shots for you all to enjoy...

So as you can see the bikes are now all assembled and based, they just need the bolters attached to the front, some touch ups to details and some pesky red tribal markings

Close up of the sergeant, he seems to have lost his head, wasn't a huge fan of the pose originally, but it is growing on me

The attack bike is also at the same stage, well slightly further ahead, but being a larger model its all relative right?

Close up of some details ;)

So the war machine must carry on turning, next month?

firstly finish these guys ASAP

- Captain on Bike w/ Teeth of Terra, Melta Bombs and Auspex (plan to have those to being optional)

- Landspeeder with Typhoon Missile Launcher 

230 pts in total... and seen as its only two models, should be do able...

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Sun Tzu Says

"that the art of war is a vital importance to the state. It is a matter of life and death, a road either to safety, or to ruin"

you have to love the relentless fury of Sabaton, and the quote above seems particularly relevant... anyway less babbling, this month's quota is coming along, perhaps a little behind schedule, I may have under-estimated how long it takes to paint one of those sodding bikes... Oh well, there's only like at least another thirty to paint... *Sigh* 

Now before any photos, seen as your here, please cast a vote on the poll at the side of the blog, whether in your opinion the Sternguard should be modeled up as either White Scars Veterans or a Death Watch Kill team... If you have already voted, good on you... if you haven't get to it ;)

here is the test model now complete, complete with bare head and top-knot, something which may or may not become a feature of the army...

the next three bikes as you can see are built and painted, some touching up still needs to occur, but they are coming on nicely, the riders are in the process of being assembled, the main problem is of course that they only have on style of chest plate, which needs to be swapped out as much as possible for variation.

Xarl is also coming on nicely, the bronze banding now complete, I removed the head for ease of painting Executioner, but i'm happy with the progress thus far...

a WIP shot of Tolemion, I wont lie it's been nice to not paint white on a Marine!

Most of these week's progress has gone in to painstakingly painting Tolemion's shield, taken from the Event only Boarding Marine... The Imperial Eagle is now complete, after about three or four hours painting, slow and steady

The Duel as it currently stands... Still have to build a base for these two to slot into, my main concern is that they are very dynamic, the main problem with this was I really wasn't keen on cutting up the Finecast of Tolemion's body but alas, perseverance right?

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Through the Valley of the Damned!

Evening ladies and Gents, just a small update for you today, showing that I have made a start on the White Scars Bike Squad for our tale of four gamers project this month... As I mentioned previously, I'm trying this one by painting these guys on the sprue to see if its better for White Scars, here's what I have so far...

The test model mounted on a his base, this was the first one I did separately to get a feel for what I was doing, and I have so say, he's come along quite nicely

Batch painting, slow and steady, but we're getting there...

Found an old commander sprue in my bitzbox, so I've made a start on the commander now, but all in due time right? 

If you've been reading this blog recently, you'll know this isn't the only thing that I'm painting up this month, here is my Duel Entry, slowly coming along, but hey, the end of the month is still a decent amount of time away so... Unfortunately I've hit a little bit of a roadblock, as GW have removed the Genesis Chapter pads from their webstore, and of course I haven't order the bits yet, so Tolemion is going to be a little more tricky, but here is where I'm at so...

I know, baby steps right... 

Lastly, I'm adding a poll to my blog, so if you do read this please take time to answer, very simply, I'm toying the idea of painting up the Sternguard Veteran's squad as a Deathwatch Team, seen as the rules fit perfectly with the Deathwatch Fluff, this would also provide a nice contrasting centre piece to the army and will give the opportunity to add some great character to the army, but i'm undecided, opinions on this would be greatly appreciated...